Puppy love – my new niche / Orange County Pet Photographer

I am so excited to announce my latest endeavor.  (Yet another reason I have been so behind on blogging!)  It is a perfect marriage between my two passions: Animals and Photography.  It kind of came about by accident when I went to one of my favorite art stores to purchase some portfolio bags to store canvases in.  The art store had been replaced by a new, upscale, chic pet store, Passionate Pet.  And this was not just a pet store, but a beautiful pet boutique with all the pet products and services you could want, including deluxe doggie day care and boarding (it even includes suites with individual flat panel tv’s playing animal planet), grooming, training services and soon a top of the line veterinary hospital!  Being so new, they didn’t have much in the way of artwork up yet, and I could envision some beautiful pet portraits on the wall.  So I asked an employee if that would be something they would be interested in and they introduced me to their wonderful store manager, who introduced me to the owner and one thing led to another and now I will be their official pet photographer.  I am volunteering my services to photograph the rescue animals that they adopt through their store and will soon have a display there and will also have some in store promotions. Their website is:


& their address is:

18871 Teller Ave.

Irvine, CA 92612

While I am looking forward to taking portraits in their store, I know that animal’s personalities are best captured in a more natural environment.  Cat’s usually do best in their own homes, and dogs do great at home but can also have  fun at a park or the beach as well. When combining a knowledge of proper lighting and portrait techniques with understanding of animal behavior and respect, beautiful fine art pet portraiture can be created. I come to animal portraiture with a unique perspective – that of a lifelong animal lover with a 4 year degree in animal science (veterinary technology), and years of working with animals in both  clinical and recreational settings.  I look forward to launching a new pet portraiture division of Vanessa Honda Photography.

Below are some samples of my pet portrait work, some of which will be displayed in the new store this month!

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