Lovely Lily {Newport Beach Newborn Photography}

This is another “long in coming” tribute to a session from last summer that did not get its due on my blog…I was privileged to meet her within hours of being born and it has been such a delight to watch her grow.   Here is what I wrote way back when for the blog post I never posted…

…What a sweet new baby this was … and so eagerly anticipated by me!  I was so excited for my good friend Danielle to have a sweet little girl… and for Brandon, Maren, Tommy and Jimmy  to have a new little sister – but especially for Maren.  And what a good sweet baby she is…one of my easiest newborns ever.  And so cute and chubby… she weighed in at 11 lbs 3 oz at birth, so I believe her mom deserves quite an award for delivering her!  She was such a good girl for her pictures, and even had several smiles to share!

There will be several more updates to come of this little cutie pie – most recently from last week.  But I felt I had to start at the beginning, so here goes:

These were from her first evening of life at the hospital… I captured one to show her weight – she had lost some since her birth… what a big girl!

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