Senior Spotlight: Siara {Newport Beach Senior Portrait Photographer}

Since Senior Portrait Season is in full swing, I thought I would just highlight a session from last summer that I particularly enjoyed!  Meet Siara – she graduated this year – Congratulations!  Her family came from out of town last summer and she wanted her Senior Portraits at the beach. We decided to throw in a few of her with her sister and the rest of her family as well, while we were at it. This was such a memorable shoot, because they just happened to plan their shoot during the highest waves of the season – well, for years actually!  So there were tons and tons of people on the beach who had driven down to “the wedge” just to see the huge waves.  We started out at the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach and headed down to the wedge later to see what all the fuss was about!

In the background you can see all the swarms of people who have come to see the huge waves.

And here are just a couple of pictures of waves from that day… I think I will have to do an entire post on just cool wave pictures from that day!

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