“A” Family Sneak Peak {Orange County Photographer}

Well this is a long overdue sneak peak for the “A” Family!  They are friends visiting from out of town of another beautiful family – they came out for their son’s graduation from UCI!  They decided to get some family portraits while they were out here, and I am so glad that they did!  We had such a good time together – they were one fun loving family!  But life has been a bit crazy since then with school ending (and the multitude of accompanying activities), and my husband studying for the bar, among many other things.  So I was busy trying to play catchup and working on these photos earlier this week when I received a message on my computer screen notifying me that my hard drive was in danger of imminent failure.  Well, at least it was nice enough to warn me. And at least I had all of my data backed up (I have triple backups on all my client files).  But I could no longer work on my editing and it was a three day process to 1) diagnose the problem, 2)get a new internal drive and replace the old one and 3) get the computer set up to the way I had it previously, including installing all of my applications, Photoshop actions, etc…  Thank goodness for imaging!  But it wasn’t until tonight I had everything up and running again, so I am burning the midnight oil to get just a few sneak peak pictures up for this very, very patient family!  I can’t wait for you to see the rest!

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