The Big “O” turns 4! {La Jolla Children’s Birthday Party Photographer}

So this is my nephew Owen on his 4th birthday.  I usually bring my camera to friend and family birthday parties and snap plenty of shots while I am there.  But usually the pictures get downloaded and sit on one of my hard drives, forgotten about for years, along with most of my other personal shots. My intentions are good – I mean to edit and give the pics to their respective owners. But in reality, paying client’s pictures always take precedent over my own personal images and the fun pics I take for family and friends.  But in this case, I really OWE my AWESOME sister Brittany.  Because she agreed to take ALL of my 3 kids this week – in addition to her own 4 – so that I can finally get caught up (or at least headed that way) on work!  Our kids are best of friends and she has planned so many fun things for them to do this week.  But I also know that she has already had at least one sleepless night (maybe two), so I thought I could say “Thank You” by fishing out and editing these pics from Owen’s birthday party.  Brittany always does such a great job at planning parties – I think she should go into business!  This party was a pirate themed party – with a pirate ship pinata, a real treasure hunt, golden coins and pirate patches.  Very very fun!  And Owen was such a ham!  Owen has  a mind of his own, and usually his ideas do not include having a camera pointed in his direction. But on this day he was very obliging about looking in my general direction – even with the camera in hand!  Enjoy the pics Britt & Tyson – I will bring a disc down when I come pick up the kids!

There was a yummy yummy cupcake tree!

Owen was determined to eat his cupcake in the pool. Too bad we ate cupcakes first, ’cause you can see the effects of the cupcake eating on everyone’s faces the rest of the time!

The kids enjoyed whacking away at the pirate ship pinata!

The treasure hunt may well have been the highlight of the day..

My kids still have their patches and gold coins – the pirate booty!

Opening presents is always a great deal of fun for the birthday boy…

The thing Owen REALLY REALLY wanted for his birthday was a shiny, red, new bike… and mom and dad delivered!

Happy Birthday Owen – and have lots of fun with your cousins this week!  Aunt Vanessa Loves You!

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