Look for me in the tunnel of love {Temecula Valley Photographer}

When my good friend and client, Renee, invited me and my children to come visit the ranch for a picnic and Easter egg hunt and other such adventures, we were thrilled!  I always look forward to seeing the girls – I practically feel like part of the family – I have watched them grow up over the years and I love seeing how they change over time and how they are growing into such delightful little girls!~ I love how I am always greeted so enthusiastically with hugs and smiles and exclamations of “Miss Vanessa – look what I have!”    And my own kids were excited  to come and swing on their tree swing, climb the fabulous rocks, see the lake and they were especially excited to hear that the Easter Bunny had come to visit the “tunnel of love” – a delightful tree-lined lane bordering the edge of the little lake.  This wasn’t planned as a portrait session, but of course I brought my camera along (hoping to get some shots of my own kiddos, which I promise to blog later) and ended up taking some photos of the always photogenic twins and capturing some of the fun!  And I also convinced my beautiful friend to let me take some pictures of her – even though she came unprepared for a portrait session, her natural beauty really shone through (as it always does)!  I hope you enjoy your “sneak peak” of our fun day in the sun, and I look forward to our next visit to Sage Ranch!






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