Christmas in January {Newport Beach Pet Photographer}

Deborah wanted some special Christmas portraits done of her pets for the holidays -but because of some scheduling conflicts we weren’t able to get together until well after Christmas was over.  “That’s OK,” she said, “I’ll just get some Christmas portraits to remember this Christmas by and to use for next year.”  Fortunately we had a mutual friends with a tree and gifts still set up to use as a backdrop! But rather than just doing a holiday themed session, I suggested that we do both some Christmas portraits of her pets and some more timeless portraits that could be displayed year round. So we did both! Here are a few favorites from the Christmas session and the next post will have some of the more classic portraits.  What an adventure it was photographing 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rabbits – all in a new  and unfamiliar place!  I was amazed at how cooperative the bunnies were… I have photographed bunny rabbits before, but none that would just stay put like this! Here are you Christmas portraits for this year Deborah…the timeless portraits coming up next. Enjoy!

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