Birthday Party Details – the Unicorn Party {Orange County Birthday Party and Events Photographer}

Ok, first let me apologize in advance for the plethora of photos I will be posting!  There were so many wonderful images from this party, that I decided to break them into different posts, each focusing on the different aspects and activities that went on at this over-the-top fun birthday party!  I also want to feature each of the vendors that were involved and give them some credit!  But let’s start first with the details – because often times it is the small things that can really make a party great!  And Renee is a master of all things detailed!  She puts so much thought into every little thing – from the delightful little gifts of homemade blueberry jam (the berries were even handpicked!) that the girls helped make, to the unicorn cupcake toppers and horse show ribbons on the party favor bags.  Not to mentions the adorable portraits of the girls displayed all over 🙂  Having photographed the girl’s birthday parties 3 years in a row, they keep getting better and better! I told  their mom, “I don’t know how you’ll beat this party next year!”

Can you tell what the theme of the party was?

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