Bouncing off the walls {Birthday and Event Photographer}

No children’s party is complete without the  kid-friendly favorite – the bounce house!  But while Bounce Houses are great for kids, and even better for parents (fun places to jump = not needing to be entertained +sleeping well at night – bonus!), they are somewhat of a nightmare for photographers.  The fun, bright colors cast odd color casts on all of your subjects, the bright light coming in through the walls makes for harsh lighting, the space is so tight that it’s difficult to get a good angle, and there is a lot of chaos/fast motion going on, making it difficult to isolate one subject and capture them clearly. But when you can climb inside with a wide angle lens, there are always some fun shots to capture – candids at their essence – kids having a blast, and totally oblivious to you as a photographer.  Enjoy a few from this exuberant group of kids at the twin’s birthday party. And if you want to know where to rent one for your own party, you can try out:

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