Happy (Belated) Easter {Orange County Family and Children’s Portrait Photographer}

So, my original plan was to blog these images last Saturday, just before Easter.  Well, that was before my trusty steed, Pax, decided to dump me on my head and shoulder during a (rather eventful) Saturday morning themed photo session (apparently the voluminous folds of my old fashioned riding habit snagging on a bush and flapping a branch under his belly and between his legs was a bit too much for him to take).  So rather than a calm, peaceful, afternoon of photo editing and blogging, I got am all-too-exciting trip in an ambulance to the local hospital’s trauma center and spend the next few days in the hospital with a concussion and dislocated shoulder. Thanks to the trusty trauma surgeons there at Mission Hospital, I can now tell you again what year and month it is and who our current president is.  But that little unplanned trip to the hospital kind of put a kink in my plans of getting lots of client work done this week. After finally being released from the hospital, I still felt the world spinning all around me and found it fairly difficult to even sit up or look at a screen for any length of time.  Thank goodness for some awesome friends, family and even clients – thanks to them I have managed to make it through this week  intact and without my children going insane!  The downside is that I am just now blogging the fun Easter/Spring portrait session that I meant to get up last Saturday.  Well, better late than never they say (and boy do I hope they are right!)  This session resulted in so many fun and fabulous image that I am breaking it into parts  – here is the Easter Egg hunt post. I love this client because she always makes having a photo session fun for her girls – and they always have something to look forward to.  And we’ve made a bit of a tradition out of documenting their annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Tunnel of Love at Sage Ranch in Aguanga (near Temecula). Here goes!

Family Easter Portraits

At the conclusion of the annual Easter Egg Hunt


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