From the mall to the beach – that’s what Riesenbergs do best! {Newport Beach Children’s Portraits}

So, it’s that time of year again. How did Mother’s day sneak up on my so quickly? My sister called a couple of days ago, telling me all her mother-in-law wanted for Mother’s Day was some portraits of the kids. And when was I going to finish all of my client work and edit her session? I guess that would be now!  So here are least a few of each of my sister’s darling kids. And also some of my own kid’s best friends!  In a session suited perfectly for my shop-a-holic, and beach-a-holic sister we started out at the anti-mall and Lab in Costa Mesa for a few Urban shots and then headed to the beach in Little Corona for more shots with a decidedly Southern Californian flair (Brittany was visiting here from Bountiful, Utah). Enjoy the photos of your kids, and Happy Mother’s day to a great mom of four – my sister Brittany!


Connor is the oldest – born only 3 days after my own son, Jared.

Courtney comes next and she and Kate are inseparable when they get together!

Owen used to be my biggest challenge to photograph – now he always smiles so willingly!

Little Jack was the challenge on this session, but he’s so stinkin’ adorable that he can get away with it!

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