Congrats to Rob & Rebecca {Orange County Wedding Photographer}

I’ve never photographed  a wedding I have been so closely involved in. From helping to choose the colors (blue & coral to match the water & sunset), to making the food (my other favorite pastime) to hosting it at my house (which was tricky at best, but hey we made it work)….. I had a hand in every detail, and it was so much fun! Talk about living vicariously 🙂  And I couldn’t have done it all for a more wonderful person and friend.  Rob – you are such a lucky man! And Rebecca…I wholly approve of your choice – except for the fact that it moved you all the way across the country and away from me! We miss you around here!  But I’m so happy for your new life and you  were such a beautiful bride! (Check our Rebecca’s awesome bridal portraits here!)  We had a great time having the family and friends over and of course making all of the yummy food!  And the small and simple ceremony was so sweet! Rebecca and Rob are having a reception today in Michigan where they both have roots and this blog post is in honor of them. Congrats!


Also a fun challenge for me and my trusty assistant Sheena to be in the wedding as bridesmaids!

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