Wet & Wild {Laguna Beach Couples Portrait Photography}

It was a perfect storm for a perfect shoot….Gorgeous couple, so in love. Check. Beautiful, golden evening light. Check. Not too crowded at Heisler Park and Diver’s Cove. Check. Only one little problem….there was virtually no beach available.  It was high tide, and not just any high tide. The tide was so high that it covered almost the entire beach….and my clients….and myself.  Yep, we all came home sopping wet from this one, but I couldn’t have asked for a more fun-loving, easy-going, better couple for such crazy conditions. They took everything in stride and we incorporated the waves crashing right over our heads into the fun and lovely photos.  And fortunately there was a park above the beach we could utilize for some non-sopping-wet shots! The biggest challenge in post-production was narrowing down my favorites – there were so many gorgeous and fun ones to pick from! Enjoy your sneak peek Becca – you guys are simply adorable!

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