Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails … {Newport Beach Back Bay Photographer}

..That’s what little boys are made of !  And this little boy was all boy! It was a very documentary style session – mostly following little “D” around as he chased the sun, played with sticks, dug in the dirt, brandished a cat tail, and loved on his dad.  I’m lucky I’ve got some quick shutter speeds, because 1/500th of a second was about all I had to capture any of the poses I put him in. But that’s ok, because often it’s these “real life” candids that I love the best, and we had a whole entire session of those!  And to adorable little “D” it was just a fun adventure down by the Back Bay in Newport Beach, and that’s great, because hopefully he’ll look forward to pictures next time!  You can check out his photos from last year here on the blog as well! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Newport Beach Photographer_879

Newport Beach Photographer_882

Newport Beach Photographer_880


Newport Beach Photographer_878

Newport Beach Photographer_881

Newport Beach Photographer_883

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