Portraits in Red Rock Canyon {Orange County Destination Photographer}

Jason and I have been good friends since my sophomore year in high school, and he is the man primarily responsible for all of my clients who found me by “googling” Orange County Photograher or Newport Beach Photographer or many of those search terms. He’s done a lot of the back-end work on my site and my SEO for years now…all from his home base in London!  So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph his family when they came out to visit for Christmas this last year.  They would be staying in Las Vegas and I just happened to be driving through on my way to visit family in Utah, so we spent a couple of days together, getting to know one another’s families better!  My kids still talk about their adventures flying aero-props with him in the parking lot. But our bigger adventure was heading out to Red Rock Canyon, just a little ways outside of Las Vegas for portraits.  The scenery was gorgeous, but unfortunately it was super windy and cold, so no one wanted to get out of their coats and everyone’s cheeks were a bit chapped.  But the colors were amazing and it was fun to capture some shots with a little bit of a different look than my usual beach and field or urban photos! And fortunately I brought along some studio equipment to get more photos later indoors. But for this post it’ll just be the red rock photos. This is the same man who tells me all of the time I post WAY too many images and it will slow down my site. So he tries to limit me to 9.  {I think he doesn’t get that I just can’t help myself} But for his sake, I will limit his posts that way at least…with one clever little workaround called a storyboard 😉  Enjoy!

Orange County Destination Photographer_024

He and Jane make an adorable couple!Orange County Destination Photographer_026

Orange County Destination Photographer_025

Orange County Destination Photographer_027

Here’s a 16×20 storyboard that can go on their wall!Orange County Destination Photographer_028

Finally, one last shot of the two of us – photo credit goes to Jane, who did a pretty good job figuring out how to work my beast of a camera on a cold and windy day!Orange County Destination Photographer_022

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