Growing up {Laguna Beach Family Portrait Photographer}

I absolutely adore shooting with my repeat clients – the ones who come back year after year after year. The ones who really feel more like friends now than clients. I love catching up with them and seeing how their children have grown.  I can’t believe both of these gals are in school now! They were both just toddlers when we met several sessions ago.  I didn’t think I’d have a session with them that I liked better than last year’s – such a beautiful location and fabulous styling by mom! But I am in love with the images from this year’s shoot at Heisler Park/Picnic beach in Laguna Beach.  It was a tad challenging because the tide was so high, we almost had no beach left to work with. But the light and the colors were amazing and everyone was looking their best. I am glad we rescheduled to get the perfect “non-foggy” weather we were hoping for! Enjoy your sneak peek Dana!

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_209

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_210

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_205

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_203

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_206

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_208

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_204

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_212

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_211

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_207

Laguna Beach Family Portraits_215

I had fun designing some neat wall groupings and galleries as well for display in her home with some of my favorite images – you can check them out below! To book your own fantastic beach session, just email me at vanessa@hondaphotoart.com, call 949-478-3147 or click HERE.


Elegance Wall collections in hall Wall of Four

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