The sky is the limit {Orange County Model Head Shots}

Believe it or not, this is my sister. And she’s a world class weight lifter – at least that is what she plans on showing the world in Denmark later this year. She has won several state and national competitions and championships after picking up the sport just a few short years ago. All of this while being a great wife to her super supportive husband and mom to her four awesome kids. She’s always kept herself in amazing shape, and always made working out and keeping fit a priority in spite of her very busy schedule rearing her young children and helping put her husband through medical school.  In fact it was at the gym working out while hubby was at med school when a local weight lifting coach discovered her and saw some raw talent and strength that could be developed into the champion that she has become.  To celebrate her accomplishments, I took a few shots of her lifting her weights in her basement while on vacation to Utah last winter.  Then when she came down to visit this spring, she got all dressed up and we headed over to the Lab in Costa Mesa and the Back Bay in Newport Beach for her own special head shot and glamour session. It was pretty fun to hang out for the day with my sister and I’m excited to post these photos from our afternoon on the blog. Congratulations on all of your amazing accomplishments Brittany – even though you’re both my younger and my “little” sister, I’ve always looked up to you for your strength and tenacity!

Orange County Head Shots_004

Orange County Model Head Shots_996

Orange County Head Shots_001

Orange County Model Head Shots_992

Orange County Head Shots_008

Orange County Head Shots_006

Orange County Model Head Shots_991

Orange County Model Head Shots_995

Orange County Head Shots_003

Orange County Model Head Shots_994

Orange County Head Shots_007

Orange County Model Head Shots_999

Orange County Model Head Shots_993


Orange County Head Shots_002

Orange County Model Head Shots_998

Orange County Model Head Shots_997


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