The rainbow bridge {Riverside County Horse Portraits}

Goodbye is the hardest thing to say sometimes….but most especially when it is to what feels like a beloved member of the family. These sessions are the very most difficult for me, and yet I felt compelled enough to get up at 4:00 am to come out last Thursday and take these photos on S’More’s last day here on this earth. I had other shoots and appointments scheduled, but capturing these images for her family was important enough. Even moreso because they feel like my family and I have known this beautiful mare for a while now. I’m glad she’s not longer in pain, but saying goodbye was difficult. And seeing her with Lucy made it all the more difficult. I’d love to gift a print as a sort of memorial to this wonderful family of this fine mare. Her owner summed things up perfectly when she said: “S’Mores, you taught my kids how to ride. You were many people’s first ride. You were so many people’s first experience with a horse. You played your part well in scouting ceremonies. Every little kid who came here loved you. You took care of everyone we asked you to. Thank you for everything you taught us. Now go run on perfect legs and pain free. You will always be in our hearts.” Here’s to you sweet S’Mores!

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