Gorgeous Highland Lynx Kittens {Orange County Pet Photographer}

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A friend of mine has some absolutely beautiful cats that had kittens this summer. When I heard the news I just knew I had to bring my kidlets by …they all love kittens, but nothing like my youngest who absolutely adores them and has asked for one of her very own for every birthday and Christmas since she was two. We first met them at just two days old, and my oldest proclaimed, “they look a little like rats!”  Well that may have been true then, but I think you’ll agree with me that they’ve grown into the cutest cuddly set of adorable kittens you ever saw! They are a rare breed of cat called Highland Lynx and I found out more about them on the web here:


Two of these beautiful kittens are still available for adoption and if you’re interested please email their owner Emily at Lund.emily@gmail.com

Here’s just a little bit about their lovely personality from the aforementioned website:

Despite their “big cat” look, the Highlanders are the clowns of the cat fancy and love to play and chase. They love human company and will be there to greet you at the door or will show off to visitors. Vocally they can be relatively quiet cats but all our cattery’s cats ‘talk’ to us non-stop! Physically they are high energy cats. This energy comes out in entertaining chase games and it is this energetic activity that helps build the powerful musculature that is so characteristic of this breed. Many people say they are more dog-like in their personalities. There are few Internet articles suggesting a Highlander if you can’t choose between dog and cat. These cats can fetch, beg, roll over, and even love to be walked on a leash like a dog. They  would love a car ride if they have an access to the window to see what is going on around! Some Highlanders love to play with water and even swim! 

Highlander’s respect level for children or adults is extremely high. They are very affectionate towards everybody in your household including other animals and they get along well with dogs and other cats. 

The Highlander cats are extremely intelligent and learn very quickly from their owners. The only thing that is required from the owner in order to get a perfect companion is time and attention. This is not a cat that you just feed and go away. Please consider if this breed is right for  you before  purchasing.


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