Lovers in love

I was driving home from a long trip out to the desert when I got the call: a lovely couple wanted to know if I could shoot their wedding – the following weekend. Unfortunately I was already booked shooting my husband’s high school reunion. But then they asked if they could have some engagement photos done and ready in time for their wedding. I knew it would be a super tight turnaround but worth it to have some gorgeous prints up for their wedding reception. So I took the job for Monday afternoon near the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, knowing they needed prints in hand by that Friday. I woke up Monday morning feeling yucky but I certainly couldn’t put this off another day, and I’m so glad I pushed through to shoot when we did. The light was beautiful, the weather was amazing and this couple made my job so easy. They clearly adore each other and that makes for the best engagement photos of all. And being so very photogenic made the editing process that much easier. They had some gorgeous framed prints ready to display that Friday and I was so grateful to have met them. Congrats on the wedding guys and enjoy your sneak peek!

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