Private commissioned paintings and fine art prints of people and pet portraits {Orange county fine art paintings}

When I was young, I switched off from wanting to be an artist and a veterinarian when I grew up.  I begged my parents and saved my pennies for art classes and horseback riding lessons and developed an early on love for painting and working with animals, especially horses and cats and dogs. I dreamed for a while of being a painter…an artist…when I grew up. But most people I spoke with told me all about “starving artists” and how I would need to get a “real job” to support myself, and then I could always do art as a hobby. So in college I majored in Animal Veterinary science and focused on organic chemistry and microbiology and only allowed myself one art class as an elective – a painting class. I loved it, but knew that it could only really be a hobby if and when I had time. Fast forward 18 years and I’ve sort of come full circle. At times I miss my days of working with animals all day long, so I’ve surrounded myself with them (we have a horse, a dog, three cats and a bird), and I photograph them any chance I can get. I’ve also longed to break out my paint brushes at times and when I got myself a Wacom tablet and started learning to paint in Photoshop I became totally addicted. Now I could paint images from the beautiful everyday life I capture with my camera! I found myself painting on the computer every time I had a moment of “free time” that my sweet husband convinced me I needed to make for myself. I loved that feeling of creating, and it was even better when I could print it and break out my acrylics to paint on the actual prints.

I love the look of fine art and of beautiful, exquisite fine papers, and painted canvas and although time consuming, I so enjoy creating works of art from photographs. I have created some works of art for myself and for a few close friends and family and am now excited to bring this option to my clients as well.

If you would like to have one of your previous portraits printed on the rich, luxurious Hahnemuchle fine art paper or to have a painting made of an image or even to commission your own fine art piece for your home, please contact me at vanessa at hondaphotoart.com or call me at 949.478.3147 to design a custom session just for you.

You will be so proud and happy to display a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork in your home!

Fine Art Paintings and prints-1

An example of two different styles of paintings created from a photograph – one is an impressionistic style and one is more similar to an oil pastel



Fine Art Paintings and prints-3

Pets make great subjects for paintings too!

Fine Art Paintings and prints-10

Fine art paintings printed on canvas (top) and fine art paper (middle and bottom) and detailed with acrylic brushstrokes.


Fine Art Paintings and prints-8

Detail from a painting of two girls and their pets printed on canvas with acrylic paint on top

Fine Art Paintings and prints-9

Fine Art Paintings and prints-2

Young girl’s portraits turned to paintings

Fine Art Paintings and prints-7

Detail from the above digital painting printed on Hahnemuhle’s torchon paper and touched up with acrylic paints

Fine Art Paintings and prints-12

Arabian horse portrait printed on fine art paper and matted and framed to complete the look

Fine Art Paintings and prints-13

Fine Art Paintings and prints-11

Another example of a framed and matted fine art print of two girls with their pets. This beautiful print on watercolor paper has torn edges that transform your work into a piece of art


Through the month of April 2015 I will be offering a 25% introductory discount on both fine art prints and paintings. Please contact me for details!





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