Amazing former Mr. USA body builder photos {Newport Beach Photographer}

I have done a lot of different kinds of head shots for people. Professionals, doctors, business owners, authors, aspiring models and actors. But body-building shots was not part of my repertoire. The closest I’ve come was these beautiful shots of world weight lifting champion Brittany Riesenberg.  Those were fun! And I once photographed a former Miss Universe for a magazine, which was also a blast. But this was a unique opportunity to photograph both a current body builder and a former Mr. USA.  I can’t even fathom the dedication it takes to keep oneself in such amazing shape, especially once youth fades and metabolisms slow down – kudos to Lance for his amazing accomplishments. Best  of wishes in your modeling and coaching career! And Angela you are so beautiful – I loved your head shots and portraits as well as the ones of the two of you together!

Lance and Angela 13

Lance and Angela 12


Lance and Angela 1

Lance and Angela 10

Lance and Angela 4

Lance and Angela 11

Lance and Angela 8

Lance and Angela 5

Lance and Angela 2

Lance and Angela 9

Lance and Angela 7

Lance and Angela 3