Beach Babes {Laguna Hills Family Portraits}

I was friends with Adam back in college – we went to BYU together, and I recently reconnected with him and his super lovely wife and kids when I took my own kids on a fun road trip up the coast that took us through their home town of Solvang. We had so much fun with them – even our dog made himself at home there and the kids got a long great. They treated us to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants and by the end of the evening my kids didn’t want to leave. So when I heard they were coming to visit Orange County, I figured I’d return the favor and invite them over to our place for dinner. And of course I was super excited when Camene asked about doing some family pictures – because, well….for one, I knew it would be one of the easiest family sessions ever because all four of those kids are so very well behaved. And for two….well, just take a look at them! Every last one of them is as gorgeous as they are beautiful on the inside.  They made my job super easy! And we had tons of fun, in spite of getting a bit of a late start to the evening. Enjoy your sneak peek guys!

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