Morro Rock Pup {iheartfaces contest entry pet portraiture}

I think I probably have a lot more polished pet entries that I could enter for this contest. And my pet portraits are some of my very favorites, so choosing just two is hard. But this one wins out for me because of the context that surrounds it. The setting: one of the happiest weeks of my life. A week where my kids didn’t have school in February and instead of hanging around the house, we decided to go on a grand adventure up toward the central coast of California. Just the kids and I and our dog Henry. We finally landed in Morro Bay and  spent a few days there. It was wonderful  – we had the beach to ourselves on most days and the weather was delightful. On our last evening there, we headed to the beach at sunset, and it was a beautiful sunset. This photo was taken just after the sun set at dusk and it was actually starting to get dark. But when I saw our pup Henry sitting there in the reflection of the big Morro Rock, I just had to bump my ISO up and take a shot. Head on over to iheartfaces to check out some more gorgeous and absolutely adorable pet images!


Adveture with kids day 2-4784 edit clarilty more sharp


And just for fun, here are a few more photos from our grand adventure up the coast!

Adventures with the kids day 3-4992 edit

Adveture with kids day 2-3451 edit edit clarity edit


Adveture with kids day 2-4647 edit-2Adveture with kids day 2-4678 edit-2 simplify


And finally….the other image I was thinking of submitting because I just love this pup’s expression. But in the end, sentiment won over technical prowess!

Arrow-9793-Edit cropped texture