Sweet as can be {iheartfaces Pet photo contest}

I was excited when I saw that two entries were allowed for the iheartfaces pet contest! Because I just had to include one of my best bed Henry, I feel like cats are fairly underrepresented in these pet contest and cats just rock! And having had kittens in our house recently, I’ve had my share of adorable kitten photo moments. Like this one of Patches sitting in a little birch vase:

Puppy and kitten pictures-3649 edit

I just love the connection with the camera and the little tongue doing its business!


This was another favorite from this litter of kittens as well. Totally unposed – I was working downstairs when my son called and told me to come up and bring my camera. This never happens. So I just went with it. And I’m glad I did. Because this adorable kitten, Piper, had climbed all on her own into this little pitcher I had sitting on my floor. My camera and I arrived just in time to snap this shot of her looking up, as if to ask us to help her out (which I did as soon as I captured the moment).


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