New puppy in the family portraits {OC pet and family portrait photographer}

I can’t think of a better reason to document a moment in time than that of getting a new puppy. Because what could be cuter than a newly adopted puppy and the family who loves him? Puppies grow and change so fast and when they are full grown it’s hard to remember how adorable and fluffy and sweet they were sometimes. Don’t ask how I know. Also, golden retriever puppies have an extra soft spot in my heart (having had two that are now grown) – and so do these girls! We figured out this is I think my 9th year documenting their family for the holiday card season and it’s always such a joy to watch my clients grow up and see them change from year to year. These two girls are two of the most delightful young women I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Sweet, good listeners, happy, loving on each other and full of personality. And boy were they smitten with this newest member of their family. Their mom is pretty amazing too, she’s done a wonderful job raising these awesome girls and I know a bit of what she went through losing her last pup from old age this last year. The location was pretty perfect too – the trails where I ride my horses in Nellie Gail were perfect to bring a new puppy, because there was plenty of room to let him loose without being too worried about him getting away. Mom had this very cool idea to get a patriotic shot of the puppy holding a flag, as it was very near the 4th of July. I was skeptical, having tried similar shots with my own Golden Retriever puppies years earlier – they never would hold anything in their mouth for more than a second unless it was food! But this pup was awesome and we got so many more shots than I could have imagined we would with the little miniature American Flag. Enjoy this epic session with some of my cutest subjects -and if you have a new puppy you want to document, pretty please give me a ring and let’s have some fun!