A little girl’s dream come true {Orange County Children’s Portraits}

When Charlotte arrived at Martini Ranch and saw Hope, her eyes got big and wide and her jaw dropped. “Is that a real life unicorn?” she asked. I looked to her grandma for how she thought I should respond, but Terri, my trusty horse and pony handler stepped in with the perfect response: “she is today!” Thus began a perfect fairy tale afternoon that involved princess dresses, dappled sunlight, fresh grass and the most charming little subject this side of the Pacific! Charlotte was picture perfect and so well behaved….and much to our surprise, so was Hope! This was her debut performance starring as a unicorn extraordinaire, and we all hope it won’t be her last! {So if you’d like to have your very own fairy tale unicorn session, drop me a line!}

Charlotte’s frequently asked question of the day was “can I ride her?” and I think what she really meant was “can I ride her off into the sunset, to the place where unicorn ponies and their favorite little girls can play all on their own.” I have a feeling she’ll be back for more riding time with Hope! And no surprise, because her grandma is quite the equestrian herself and we’ll be doing a spring session soon with her and her horse Risk!

After our fun with the pretty Welsh Pony unicorn, we took advantage of the golden light and beautiful spring surroundings in Nellie Gail to run and climb and play with sticks (those are in the outtakes)….oh and have a turn sitting in the pretty flower ring and twirl and curtsy and blow kisses too.

All in all a pretty sweet little session and I’m excited to share these fun images from our magical day!