Rainy Day Wedding {Los Angeles Temple LDS Wedding Photographer}

Of course I was booked solid the week we had non-stop rain right before Christmas. Some clients were able to reschedule, or take their sessions indoors, but that isn’t possible for weddings. And especially temple weddings. The Los Angeles temple does not have much in the way of shelter or overhangs, so I was praying hard for a little break in the downpour!  I brought along an assistant to hold an umbrella over me while shooting and hoped the wedding party had plenty of umbrellas as well! I planned some ideas of how to pose and see everyone while using umbrellas, that I didn’t even need to use! Because just before Melissa and Justin came out, the steady rainfall turned to a drizzle and even stopped completely momentarily!  We were able to get most of our family shots sans umbrellas!  I was so grateful!  We had to move fast, so not very much time for creative posing, but I think everyone was happy not to be getting soaked!

The rain came back full force just as we finished up!  I was so thankful for the little reprieve!

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