More family fun at the Huntington Beach Pier {Huntington Beach Photographer}

I know the title isn’t terribly clever – it could very well be “Family Fun at the Huntington Beach Pier #7” this summer!  Indeed I feel like Huntington Beach has been my second home lately – I’m there several evenings a week.  But really, this family  couldn’t have picked a more beautiful spot to have their portraits taken on this evening!  The light was just perfect!  And the waves were big and boisterous in the background, making for some dramatic backdrops. This session was particularly fun for me, because my dad came along to see exactly what it is that I do.  I taught him to be my assistant by holding my light disc (reflector) and he got to know the Tietjan family pretty well too!  Good times were had by all.  Now for your sneak peek, “T” family!



While taking pictures of the gorgeous Courtney, a whole group of random admiring young gentleman approached us and begged to have their portraits taken with her… I’m not sure what mom and dad were thinking, but  Courtney was happy to oblige!


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