25 years and going strong… {Orange County Portrait Photographer}

Had the fabulous opportunity to catch up with some clients from a few years ago.  They are coming up on their 25th wedding anniversary and proposed the most fun and creative idea… “what if we re-create our wedding portrait from 25 years ago and send out a card with both images – one from 25 years ago and one from now?”  They had all of the same wedding attire (and even better – it still fit!) and everything needed to re-create their portrait from 25 years ago!  It was so fun to spend the afternoon with them – they are just a hoot and they had my assistant Allison and I practically rolling on the ground laughing! And it is so inspiring to see couples that are still so in love 25 years after taking their vows! They even made us some dinner!  While we were set up there, we thought we would also get a few casual shots of them in something other than their original wedding attire.  We took a few in front of the backdrop and studio lights set up in their living room, and then I just had to get a few out on their amazing grass which was just like a carpet! I didn’t even think it was real…Happy 25th anniversary Steve and Beverly… here’s to many more years of happiness for you both!

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