25 years of beauty & love {Deer Valley Wedding Photography}

When the “D” family, who I met during out portrait session in Huntington Beach this summer, asked me if I would be willing to fly up to Utah to photograph their 25th wedding anniversary, I was more than thrilled!  They were such a warm and wonderful family, beautiful on the inside and out.  And I was so excited for the chance to fly up to Utah to capture their beautiful occasion, and visit family and friends who are there!  It was one of my most looked forward to jobs of the year. So, as you can guess, when on the eve of the anticipated event I was ordered into court for the following day by an unwavering judge, I was less than thrilled. Completely dismayed and panicked may be closer to the truth!  I so desperately wanted to go that I had a good friend and client plan with me to order me a last minute ticket to Utah in case I got done with court early enough to still fly up for this event and race over… Unfortunately that wasn’t able to happen, to my great disappointment. But fortunately, I was able to find a replacement for me who lives there –  Ashley Spaulding! She did a wonderful job covering the event, and I am so grateful for her being able to fill in last minute!  I also had a great time editing the photos as I was seeing them for the first time, which is a different experience for me. I can usually remember exactly the moment each picture is taken and as I edit, I relive the session or the event. But in this case I was “living:” it for the first time… and was even more disappointed that I wasn’t able to be there, as it was so beautifully done. So much attention to every detail!  Congrats “D” family on your 25 years of being married. Enjoy your sneak peek!





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