Warmer Climes {Huntington Beach Family Portrait Photography}

The fabulous “K” family hailed from up North. Way up North.  They came all the way from Alaska, and I was so pleased and honored for the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with their lovely and charming family and to take their portraits.  All beautiful people, inside and out!  We began our session at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, which is a wonderful place to take pictures- so much fun architecture and beautiful gardens. Not to mention the fun bridge that goes over PCH straight down to the beach!  That’s always a favorite with kids and adults alike!  Once we arrived at the beach, just a ways south of the pier, we enjoyed digging some holes, playing in the water and waiting for the sun to get just a little lower in the sky. While waiting, mom and dad brought out the water balloons and a jolly fun water balloon fight commenced!  That was both enjoyable and original (I’ve never had a water balloon fight on the beach – don’t worry we cleaned up all the balloons – and I’ve never photographed a water balloon fight either). We ended the day with a fabulous sunset. I think little “K” will be begging mom and dad to bring him back to visit soon – maybe come in January next time to escape the really cold weather!  Enjoy your sneak peek, guys! It truly was a pleasure to meet your adorable family.

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