Jack & the Sparklers {Bountiful, Utah Children’s portrait photographer}

I had promised my sister pictures of her youngest child while visiting her in Utah this summer. Apparently it had been way too long since Jack’s most recent portrait session.  We made all sorts of plans how we would get these great pics of the kids…maybe by the temple, maybe at a great urban location downtown, maybe in the mountains.  But somehow time got away from us and just as we were packing up to hit the road for home, we remembered that Jack at least desperately needed some updated pics!  It was the 4th of July, and all of the family friends were over celebrating at a big pool party at Britt’s house. So, right before I left, we pulled Jack out of the pool, threw a cute outfit on and marched him out the front door for pictures. Jack of course wanted nothing to do with this process – he wanted to be back swimming with his friends!  Until we brought out the sparklers. He got to be the first of all his friends and cousins to “play with fire…”   I am  not sure we got the perfect portrait that his mom was hoping for in those 5 minutes of fun, but we did capture the wonder and awe of a boy playing with his first sparklers….




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