She said “Yes!” {Laguna Beach Engagement Portraits}

When Daniel called me up to tell me about his plan to fly out from New York and propose to his girlfriend, Liz, on the beach – and have it all recorded secretly without her knowledge, I was super excited!  I have done several of these now, and they are always so much fun!   And he had everything planned just perfectly, down to the minutest detail. The beach was a special location for them, as it was their first vacation spot together, and he lured her there straight off of the airplane with a story about how they would be meeting up with family there for lunch.  Little did she know that the family was waiting in Los Angeles and he had other plans for this special spot at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel!  I brought along an assistant to act as a “decoy”  – someone who it could appear I was photographing that day (so as not to give me away – didn’t want to be too obvious as the photographer with the huge lens taking random snapshots of beach goers in the middle of the day).  It didn’t take long after their arrival on the beach for the big moment to occur:

Her answer, of course, was a resounding “Yes!”  And they enjoyed a few moments of their new status as engaged coupe before Daniel revealed my presence!

We decided to get just a few shots there on the beach before heading up to the hotel to avoid the harsh mid-day sun…

It was such a funny weather day, though… it was during that really unseasonably hot and sunny week, and the day began that way, but by the time we made our way up the hill to take some pictures at the hotel, a thick blanket of fog had rolled in, completely covering the landscape in mist and obscuring the beach just below us.


It wasn’t long before the thought occurred to them to share the big news – out came the Blackberries…

After portraits outside, Daniel had planned to take Liz to a very special lunch at the hotel restaurant.  I joined them for one last little celebration before leaving them to eat in peace!

Congratulations to the two of you – and best wishes as you plan your wedding and your life together!  I am certain it will be beautiful!

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