The “V” Family Again {Huntington Beach Family Portraits}

Was super excited to see the “V” family again this year as not only were they super gorgeous to photograph the last time around (I mean, can you believe those gorgeous eyes?), but they also had a new little addition for me to meet! And while I didn’t think it would be possible, he was every bit as charming and adorable as his sister.  And speaking of which, that girl has one big sense of adventure!  She wanted to run right out into the ocean, in spite of the chilly temperatures and stiff wind we all braved at the Huntington Beach Pier that day. Since neither of the kids were thrilled about sitting still for lots of formal poses, we got a lot of candids…which is really just the way I like it anyways!  Can’t wait to see this beautiful family again!  Enjoy your sneak peek, Kim!

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