Teacher’s Pet {Newport Coast Family Portrait Photographer}

Well, I can’t exactly say that my daughter, Kate, was the Teacher’s Pet in Mrs. “W”s class… but if there is an opposite favorite relationship (favorite teacher) – then Mrs. “W” would certainly be a “student’s pet” with my daughter Kate.  Kate just adores her teacher from last year, and so she was extra thrilled when Mrs. “W” invited her to come along with me on her family’s photo session.  Kate helped me with my light disc, and also helped garner smiles from my very willing and adorable subjects!  I like to think of her as my little “photographer in training.”  Look for a picture of her at the end with her favorite teacher!  It was a perfect night at Crystal Cove State Park – not to hot, not too cold, not too sunny or windy or crowded. Just perfect!  And check out the gorgeous baby blue eyes on the little girl, and the adorable freckles on her son.  Too cute, everyone.  Enjoy your sneak peek Mrs. W – I know you’ve been patiently waiting for a while now!

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