Brutus {Orange County Pet Photographer}

It was with utmost pleasure that I had the opportunity to photograph Brutus, who belongs to a very good friend all the way back from high school days!  One session actually became many, as Brutus came along to visits at the house, and several visits to the beach with my kids in tow… My kids just love Brutus – they are always so excited when he comes along when Brandy and Jim come to visit.  He’s so wonderful and patient with the kids – he even lets Audrey sit on his back and ride him like a horse!  These photographs are from our first session at the dog beach, in Huntington Beach, Orange County.  We’ll have to show more from our “later sessions” sometime down the line.   Brandy’s Christmas gift from me was some framed portraits to hang on the wall in her brand new house, so this isn’t exactly a sneak peak – more of an opportunity to share her adorable puppy with friends who aren’t close enough to visit the awesome new place!  Enjoy the photos of Brutus – they always make me smile to see them – and the kids do too!

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