Hey there, Cowgirl…. {Temecula Valley Portrait Photographer}

Kimber and I go way back.  Back to before I even started taking pictures for other people.  She was my first real friend when I moved to California 12 years ago. Our mutual love for horses, and riding and animals in general brought us together initially, but there were so many other things that kept us there.  I lived for my weekly ride (and sometimes daily walk) with Kimber, and enjoyed teaching riding lessons with her horses and helping out around their farm.  But since leaving Murrieta to move to Newport Beach, we haven’t had nearly as much girlfriend time!  So we quite enjoyed out time together for this Valentine Mini session!  And to tie in the Valentine theme, Kimber has this most awesome idea.  She knew she would be going away to training for a few weeks and would miss her husband  – and she knew he would miss her too. So she bought him a new shirt…and then decided to wear that shirt…and nothing else (except her cowboy boots)…in a few pictures for him to keep in her absence. What a creative gift! The real challenge was shooting those on the ranch with a bunch of kids for the next mini session running around! We made good use of the barn on the property and took a good measure of portraits with a tad more on in the clothing department.  Most of those shown will be from those shots…Hopefully hubby is enjoying the rest in her absence right now 🙂 Here is your  sneak peek Kimber and Josh – and Happy  Valentine’s Day to the both of you!

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