Spring is in the air {Orange County Family Portrait Photographer}

I have some other sessions I really should post before this one from this past week.   But I know mama is anxious to see how some of these turned out. And although I haven’t even made one pass through all of the images from this session (which was really more like 4 sessions rolled into one), a few popped out at me as I was downloading them. Actually, just about all of them that I clicked on had something fun to offer – which doesn’t always happen by the way.   I will have to blog the different elements of this spring session – the Easter Egg Hunt, the bikes and flowers, the canoe on the lake, and the flower fields – later. But for now here is one little glimpse of our lovely afternoon as a whole.  As Annabelle said while happily paddling the canoe, “This is (was) the best day ever!” And it was topped off by a birthday party with the most delicious cake ever – what more could I ask for! Here is the little “sneak peek” I know you’ve been dying for Miss R! More to come later!


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