Birthday Celebrations {Laguna Beach Family Portraits}

What better way to mark the passage of time than by capturing it in a portrait that will freeze that moment in time forever?  That’s exactly what George, Sheila, Joe, Lindsay, RoseMarie and Diego (the German Shepherd), decided to do in honor of George’s birthday. They came from all over the country and met up at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, to spend a wonderful weekend together.  Before dinner they had a lovely portrait session planned. After meeting at Pelican Hill we drove down together to Heisler Park and Diver’s Cove, starting in the lovely park overlooking the ocean and then moving down to the beach. I had a great time with this fun and lively family, and just adored Diego, the sweet German Shepherd as well.  Thanks for your patience “M” family waiting for me to get these photos up! The very next day after our session was my little riding accident that threw me a bit behind, so I’ve been playing a lot of catch-up while recovering!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!

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