Tell me a story…. {Irvine Professional Head Shots}

Even as a very young child, reading was my most favorite activity. I loved reading about anything and everything – from fantasy novels that would take me far away to another land and place, to medical encyclopedias, to fanciful picture books – I devoured the written word. So maybe that inherent love of books is what draws the authors to me. But no matter what it is, I love the opportunity to take head shots for authors so that their readers can get an idea of who they are. This is the fourth author I have photographed in the last year, and we had a great time! We met at the Katie Wheeler Library in Irvine – a fitting place to take portraits for a writer of books, but also a lovely location for any sort of session I think! They even allowed us to shoot inside with the books!  I am super excited for Christine as her new book is released! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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