Family Ties {Laguna Beach Family Portrait Photographer}

My grandfather on my mother’s side and Alisha’s grandfather were twins. So I guess that makes us second cousins or something like that. We had many overlapping summer stays in the lovely town of Glendale, Utah growing up and this last summer while my kids were enjoying a stay of their own with their grandparents, Alisha’s kids came out to stay at the same time. It was so fun for them to have cousins to play with – cousins they had never met. Well, we had another opportunity to get together when Alisha brought her family to CA to visit last month. We planned a photo session well in advance, and ended up having them all over to stay the night at our place! What a fun slumber party that was! I had lots of extra helpers making pancakes the next morning 🙂 But the session was also fun, as these kids don’t get to visit the beach very often. It was a bit of a novelty, but in spite of that everyone was so well behaved! Enjoy your sneak peek “M” family!

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