Extended Family Portraits in Laguna Beach {Laguna Beach Family Portrait Photographer}

So, I get a lot of inquiries from clients coming out to visit from out of state for family reunions. Or clients with large extended families from around here. This one was one of the former.  And I get a lot of questions about how those kinds of sessions usually work  – with the various groupings, etc.  So I am going to double up this post as both a sneak peek for the lovely “B” family and to illustrate the various different groupings that usually come about with an extended family session!   So, first I generally like to get the largest groups out of the way first. Especially if someone has to leave early, or if there are little ones who may not have much of an attention span for posing.  While I thoroughly enjoy a more natural style of shooting that involves a lot more candid shots or capturing families interacting, large family groupings by nature require a bit more structure to get through all the different groupings that are usually wanted in a timely nature…and really large groups need to be contained somewhat to fit everyone in the photo!  I like to try to get a variety of groupings as well if everyone is up for it.     Another popular grouping I like to get out of the way as soon as possible is the grandparents with all of their grandchildren – once again, so the little ones can be done before they get too tired!   Then I will often do some individual family groupings – usually starting with the ones with younger children, once again -unless the kids just need a break to run and play on the beach, or at the park or wherever we’re at. Once we’ve got those individual posed family groupings out of the way, I always like to get some of the original nuclear family – grandma and grandpa with their children (and sometimes spouses as well). This shot is usually pretty easy, because everyone is at a bit more of a cooperative age 🙂 Then if so desired, I’ll get a few shots of the couples or children with their spouses…   And then some more candid type family portraits of the individual families that I really like to do – with more interaction. Or just some different poses so everyone has something to choose from!   Then I try to get some individual shots of the children/grandchildren – my favorite part of the day, because they’re so adorable. And finally, if there’s still some sunlight left over, I love to capture some fun family candids of everyone playing together – after all, that’s what families are all about! Having good times. And this family had lots of fun together!

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