Day in the Life Sessions {Orange County Photographer}

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be featured in a documentary on your own special family? Maybe featured in the “Day in the Life of America” coffee table book?  Or do you have kids or a husband who dreads the yearly family portrait session because of the stuffy clothes and poses?  How can you make capturing the essence of your family so you can remember the milestones and relationships between you years from now… fun?
This year, instead of having a more traditional portrait session, consider making things fun and different by planning “Day in the Life” photography session to tell the story of your family.  These sessions usually last from 2 – 4 hours and take on more of a documentary feel. Some images may be set up (so you have one perfect image to put on the holiday card), but most images will be capturing your life as it happens.  There are many activities you can plan on doing  – from hanging out around the house together to going out for ice cream and window shopping downtown! Or playing in Balboa’s fun zone and then heading down to the pier. The activities can and should be as unique as your family is.. if you would like, I can help you plan something original and fun for your family. The best part is, everyone can have a great time and enjoy themselves and one another – nothing photographs better! Or captures the essense of the relationship you enjoy!
Day in the Life Sessions are $200 for the session only or $1000 for a session plus a 10×10 exquisite Fine Art Coffee Table Book.  And for all Day in the Life Book sessions scheduled by September, I will include a free additional 7×7 companion book – a perfect holiday gift for grandparents, etc.

Some ideas of activities you can plan to do as a family include:
-A day hanging out and playing at home – one of my favs!

-going on a picnic

-flying kites
-riding bikes


-riding horses
-baking cookies

-bath time

-reading stories

-backyard BBQ

-swimming in the pool

-birthday parties

-playing games together (croquet anyone?

-dance class or sports team or lessons

-ice cream or candy shoppe outings

-a day on the town

-a day at the fair

-day at the beach

-going fishing

-hiking and exploring

-Day at Disneyland


I would love to hear from any of you about your fun portrait activity ideas!

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