Halloween Weekend {Newport Beach Children’s Portrait Photographer}

So, I haven’t had a chance to post some personal pics in a while, but I thought I would throw a few informal snapshots from Halloween weekend up for far away friends and family to view! Halloween was on a Sunday this year, so we did most of our celebrating on Friday (at school) and Saturday (home and church). I had a great time visiting the kid’s classrooms and participating in their festivities! And on Saturday, their cousins the Riesenbergs came to visit one last time before their move to Utah. We had a great time carving pumpkins together! Kate and Jared did most of the hard work of carving their pumpkins themselves (I pretty much did the pumpkin for Audrey -she wanted a kitty cat, as usual). While we were playing with the cousins, my incredibly buff sister was participating in her first Olympic weight lifting competition! She did really well, taking a bronze medal after only 4 months in training (the silver and gold went to gals who had been doing it for several years). This is what her coach had to say, “Old Brit (OB) got a third, bronze, at yesterday’s Nomad Open. Snatched (lift from floor to overhead in one continuous motion) 106 lbs and cleaned and jerked (from floor to shoulders, the clean, and then from shoulders to overhead, the jerk) 139 lbs. The two broads who beat her are both on the USA national team. Had some stage fright but overcame it.” Wow – go Britt! I’m so proud! Here’s a snapshot of her when she came back with her medal in tow – the uniform doubled as her Halloween costume this year! Don’t anybody mess with me, cause I’ve got a way buff little sister to look out for me!

The kids made Halloween costumes easy for me this year. Audrey and Kate both wanted to be ballerinas – so they could also use their costumes for a dance class eventually!  So easy and cute! And Jared opted to be an astronaut, which suits him perfectly!  Can you tell who hates being in front of my camera and who can’t get enough?  It was all I could do to get any pictures of my boy! These were all snapshots captured on our way to the car for school Friday morning!

Finally these were taken on our way in to the Trunk or Treat at our church – which was a total blast!

And here are the fruits of our pumpkin carving labors. Jared really did his all by himself  (I love that he always wants to do a friendly/happy face on his pumpkins!)- and Kate just needed a bit of help! I’ll take credit for the kitty cat (thanks to a friend who suggested using a toothpick to re-attach the amputated leg!)

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