Christmas Eve Gathering {Extended Family Portraits}

Patsi Smith is one of my favorite people of all time. I first met her as a 12 year old – what they call a “beehive” in our church youth program – and she was my leader. All the girls revered Patsi because she was so hip and cool and fun!  And to top it off, she made the best ever chocolate chip cookies, and she always kept a batch ready to bake in her fridge at home.  The reason I know this is because I spent quite a bit of time at her house (and dare I say it? sneaking small bites of her famous cookie dough out of the fridge), watching her two baby girls….first Jenessa for a couple of years, and then Marissa when she was just a tiny baby.  Now those tiny little girls are all grown up and Jenessa just returned from a mission and Marissa is soon going to leave on one!  It seems like yesterday that I was changing their diapers!

When Patsi messaged me and wanted to know if I could photograph all of their extended family when I came up to Utah for Christmas I was more than thrilled.  It’s been far too long since I’ve seen everyone – and who better to spend a lovely Christmas Eve day with (other than family, of course).  And this was actually my second session of the day on Christmas Eve (that first one will just need to be patient for a little while longer to see their sneak peek) and it was actually rather harrying to get to this session – we drove from Bountiful to Provo in a full on blizzard, but were welcomed warmly into this family’s lovely home, which made for a perfect setting for photos.  Thanks for making wonderful  Christmas memories with me and enjoy your sneak peek!

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_990

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_982

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_981

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_980

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_985

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_987

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_983

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_984

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_986

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_989

Provo Utah Family Portrait Photographer_992

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