Happy Valentine’s Day from my home to yours! {Orange County Children’s and Pet photography}

One would think that of all people I would have photos of my own kids done more often and well before anyone else for things like Christmas cards and Valentine’s day. I really wish that were so. Truth be told, our family’s Christmas card photo was taken at midnight on December 20th of this year after a full day of family Christmas festivities – and the card designed and sent to the lab in the wee hours of the following morning.  I had good intentions for the Valentine photos this year. We were going to have new dresses and outfits, perfect for Valentine’s day, go out to a stunning location with my favorite new “prop” – the new puppy that everyone in the family is head over heels for.  They were actually excited to get photos this time if they could have them with the puppy. The theme would be “puppy love.” Isn’t that sweet? Only life got in the way – lots of client work, busy schedules and family project (like cleaning out the garage, hooray!)…until I realized this Monday night that time was running out. And fast. I had to have something for the kids to pass out to their friends on Friday, so Tuesday morning I got everyone up early, ran a quick brush through their hair, made them find something pink or red (or grey in Jared’s case) and let the puppy out of his crate.  Only things didn’t go quite as planned. Little did I know but all of the kids were under the weather – I didn’t realize it at the time, but both the girls would be home from school by lunch that day, running fevers, and Jared the next day. The puppy, who had been cooped up in his crate all night was at his very most hyper self (he’s usually so very cooperative) and didn’t want to sit still for anything. Jared didn’t have any clean clothes left that were red, and no one had time to do their hair properly (we had to be all finished up by 7:00 am when Jared leaves for his bus). Everyone was tired and a bit cranky when we started out…but the puppy soon brought out the laughter in everyone! The end result – a whole lot of bloopers and a few salvageable shots that could pass for V-day cards. But some of them were too funny not to post, so here goes – my failed Valentine’s day mini session with my own kids and puppy. The subjects are just about adorable enough to make up for my own lack of planning!

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_835

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_837

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_839

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_840

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_841


And now for the bloopers! These actually have to be my favorites!

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_836

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_838And here are the actual cards that we ended up with…each kiddo got to bring a nice thick bookmark for each of their classmates and then a little wallet print attached to some candy. Here are the fronts and backs of the bookmarks and the little wallets too!

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_843

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_844

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_842

Orange County Children Valentines portraits_845


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