Sweet Sweet Sedona {Orange County Children’s Photographer}

This was probably my most highly anticipated shoot of the year – ’cause sweet Sedona is the darling daughter of an old high school friend that I hadn’t seen for 15 years!  She currently lives in Las Vegas, but was coming out to visit her father in Irvine, so she contacted me on FB and set up a portrait session for her 6 month old daughter!  And the best part is -she is married to another old high school friend -so I got to see two old friends and their new baby all at once!  It was so great to catch up with them and to play with cute baby Sedona.  She is such a happy, good baby!  Since she is more of a morning girl than an evening one, we met early in the morning at Tewinkle park.  Early morning is a great time to shoot at the park as we had virtually the whole place to ourselves!  The only thing that would have made it better would have been a little bit of sunshine…  But Sedona made her own sparkling rays with her brilliant smile. Enjoy your sneak peak Jason and Adrianna!

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