All in the family! {Newport Beach Pet Photographer}

I have always loved animals – so much so that I always thought I would be a veterinarian when I grew up as a child. I even majored in pre-vet and then Veterinary Technology in college, graduating with a BS in Animal Science.  I took nary a photography class! But working at a vet clinic didn’t exactly mesh with my goals of staying home with my children, and photography allowed that. But I still love to work with animals every chance I can get! Usually pets are more challenging even than little children, with shorter attentions spans and not as easy to reason with. They keep me on my toes!  But every once in a while I have a pet session where everyone is listening, and everyone is photogenic…and I get more great shots than I know what to do with. This was one of those sessions.  All three of these dogs were gorgeous and so well behaved! And their people were super cooperative and photogenic as well. I couldn’t ask for more! Enjoy your sneak peek just in time for Christmas!

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_894


Newport Beach Pet Photographer_885

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_892

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_888

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_889

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_890

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_887

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_893

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_891

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_886

Newport Beach Pet Photographer_884

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