Merry Christmas! Oh wait…it’s August! {Family Photos in the snow}

It’s currently 97 degrees here in Newport Beach – which is about 20 degrees above what it usually is around here.  Since I’ve spent most of my week in front of my computer catching up on photo editing, business planning and blogging (and I have no air conditioning so baby it’s HOT) – I figured I’d go back to look at some photos I took way back in December.  The sad truth is, that I only really get around to blogging about half of the sessions I photograph, and some of them that never make it up here on my blog are some of my favorites. Like this session. The Llewellyns are good friends of mine – I befriended both of them way back when I was a college student at BYU. Brian introduced me to  fun of rock climbing and off-roading and was one of those friends who was always up for an adventure (remember our horseback rides in the snow?). I was so happy when he met Lisa, who was and is just perfect for him!  Together they have formed an amazing family (a whole lot of boys, no surprise there, knowing Brian) and I love getting to see them every chance I can.

A few years ago they came down to California to go to Disneyland and we managed to fit in a sunrise beach photo session at Diver’s Cove.  I’ve seen them off and on since then, but Lisa decided it was time to update her walls with a new family portrait so on our last trip to Utah for Christmas last year we managed to squeeze them in (I actually had 3 sessions that day- crazy!) for a session on Christmas Eve in Bountiful Utah.  We started off with a few photos at my sister’s house in front of the Christmas tree (thanks Britt!) and then ventured into the white wild outdoors.  I had been wanting to take some photos in front of this cute barn near Brittany’s house, but it wasn’t quite as snowy as we wanted. The family photo idea we had in mind had lots of fluffy white snowflakes falling down all around. So we went a little higher up the mountain and then the snow really started coming down!  After we got a few of the traditional family portrait poses out of the way we just let everyone do their thing and took pictures of them doing it – sledding, snowball fights, the works!  What a fun afternoon! We finished up just before the real blizzard hit and here are the results.  Since this isn’t so much a “sneak peek” as documenting all the fun we had that day, there will be a lot more than the usual few photos here on the blog. And I feel a bit more refreshed after looking at these nice snowy photos from December.  Hopefully I’ll get some of my other favorite past sessions blogged as well here soon.  But for now, maybe I’ll go out for a little swim with the kid now, ’cause it isn’t any cooler around here!  Enjoy Brian and Lisa!

Family Photos for Christmas_218

Family Photos for Christmas_217

Family Photos for Christmas_219

Family Photos for Christmas_225

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Family Photos for Christmas_221

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Family Photos for Christmas_232

Family Photos for Christmas_224

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Family Photos for Christmas_220

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